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FLC  Far West / Mid-Continent Regional Training Meeting

November 5 – 7, 2019 * Hilton Garden Inn, Livermore, CA


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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 – Optional Training Day (8:00am – 4:30pm)

T2 IMPACT  TRAINING:  Diversity & Inclusion

Howard Miller – Facilitated by The American Management Association

7:00 am         Registration Opens

Is unconscious bias hurting your Technology Transfer (T2) team and your T2 outreach? Is it having a negative impact on your career as a T2 professional?

A crucial step towards being an effective T2 collaborator is developing an awareness and understanding of biases that can unconsciously influence how we work and interact. We all have unconscious biases based on our experiences, influences, background, education and even brain chemistry.

Stop missing opportunities to connect and strengthen your T2 program. Through awareness-building discussions and activities, role-plays and unconscious bias case studies, this course will help you better understand bias and discover practical strategies that can help you and your T2 colleagues avoid bias and leverage the power of a more positive, inclusive work environment and outreach practices.


Learning Objectives

·       Establish a Common Language Through Definitions

·       Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

·       Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

·       Define Bias and Its Implications

·       Develop Strategies to Avoid and Overcome Bias

·       Identify the Characteristics and Strategies of an Ally

·       Develop an Action Plan to Become a More Effective Ally


Training Workshop Includes (but not limited to):

·       Defining Bias

·       Understanding Bias

·       Overcoming Bias

·       Understanding Allies

·       Becoming an Ally

·       Action Planning


4:30 pm          Adjourn

Day 1 – Wednesday, November 6, 2019

7:00 am         Registration OpensBreakfast Buffet

8:00 am           Welcome

·       Far West Regional Coordinator – Jennifer Stewart NSWC Corona

·       Far West Deputy CoordinatorCheryl Monzon, NAVFAC EXWC

·       Host Laboratory: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Rich Rankin

8:30 am           Keynote:  Importance of Tech Transfer at LLNL – Dr. William GoldsteinDirector, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

9:10 am           Training: New Tools and Programs for T2

·       Lab Partnering Service – Connecting with Leading Technical ExpertsClara Asmail, Deputy Director, Policy and Practice, DOE OTT

·       Patent and Licensing Practices LibraryDr. Tara Gonzalez, DOE Office of Technology Transitions

10:00 am         Break

10:30 am         Intentionality: Diversity & Inclusion a Key to T2 Excellence

                        Moderator: Jennifer Stewart, NSWC Corona

·       Janeya Griffin, NASA Armstrong

·       Cheryl Monzon, NAVFAC EXWC

·       Roger Werne, LLNL

11:45 am         Buffet Lunch

1:00 pm           Applications of Biotechnology and the Technology Transfer Story:

Moderator: David Kistin, Sandia National Laboratories

·       Genetic Engineering in the World of Environmental ConservationJohn Eisemann, USDA APHIS National Wildlife Research Center

·       Biotechnology in AgricultureJeff Walenta, USDA Agricultural Research Service

·       Role of Exclusivity Afforded by IP and Regulatory Approval in Protecting Drugs/BiologicsYash Vaishnav, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

·       Leveraging Partnerships to Build and Advance Program DevelopmentStephanie Beasly, Sandia National Laboratories


2:15 pm           Training: Protecting Your Software and Open Source Software

·       Charity Follett, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

2:45 pm             BREAK

3:05 pm           Innovative Collaboration, Best Practices & Regional Success Stories

Moderator: Hannah Farquar, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

·       Collaboration with a Nuclear Weapons Lab for Medical ApplicationsTodd Landsman, Shape Memory Medical Inc.

·       Partnering and MechanismsTerence Albert, NIWC Pacific

·       Technology Transfer Collaborative InitiativesMelissa Ortiz, AFRL Directed Energy and Space Vehicles Directorates

·       Facilitation of Partnership Opportunities Between Federal Labs and Other EntitiesDavid Kistin, Sandia National Laboratories


4:30 pm           Adjourn

Awards Program:

5:00 pm           Award Reception

6:15 pm           FLC FW/MC Awards Ceremony Dinner


Day 2 – Thursday, November 7, 2019

7:00 am         Registration Opens Breakfast Buffet

8:00 am           Welcome

·       FLC Mid-Continent Coordinator – John Eisemann USDA APHIS

·       FLC Mid-Continent Deputy CoordinatorDavid Kistin, Sandia

8:15 am           FLC Initiatives

Executive Board Activities:  John Eisemann USDA APHIS

·       Strategic Plan/Budgeting

·       Changes to national and regional administrative support

·       Organizational changes to the Executive Board

·       By-Law Changes

·       Changes to the National Awards Program

·       Washington DC Activities

·       NIST Return on Investment

·       White House focus on Technology Transfer

National Technology Transfer Initiatives:

·       FLC Technology Focus Areas : Autonomous Systems | Water | Energy   

·       Lab Profiles – Why and How

·       LabTech in Your Life: What and How to Participate

·       FLC Business: How it works, and How Your Lab Can Make it Better and Improve Your Electronic Outreach – Marc Snyderman, FLC MSO

  9:30 am         T2 Playbook: Tools and Mechanisms for Collaboration

·       LP-CRADA and Bailment for Loan-in/Loan-out of Equipment – Stephen Crutchfield, NIWC

·       Spindle Locating Tool Success – Cheryl Monzon, NAVFAC EXWC

10:15 am         BREAK

10:35 am         Using SBIR to Enhance your T2

Moderator: Rick ShindellSBIR Insider

·       Using SBIR-TT Award Dollars to Commercialize Federal Laboratory Technologies – Clara Asmail, DOE

·       How SBIR led to a Federal Lab T2 Career – Andy Myers, DOE Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC)

·       Participating in the SBIR Road Show – Jennifer Stewart, NSWC Corona

11:40 am         Adjourn