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FLC  Far West / Mid-Continent Regional Training Meeting

November 5 – 7, 2019 * Hilton Garden Inn, Livermore, CA


Draft Agenda (9/15/19)

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 – Optional Training Day (8:00am – 4:30pm)

T2 IMPACT  TRAINING:  Diversity & Inclusion

Facilitated by The American Management Association


Learning Objectives

·       Establish a Common Language Through Definitions

·       Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

·       Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

·       Define Bias and Its Implications

·       Develop Strategies to Avoid and Overcome Bias

·       Identify the Characteristics and Strategies of an Ally

·       Develop an Action Plan to Become a More Effective Ally


Training Workshop Includes (but not limited to):

·       Defining Bias

·       Understanding Bias

·       Overcoming Bias

·       Understanding Allies

·       Becoming an Ally

·       Action Planning


Day 1 – Wednesday, November 6, 2019

8:00 am           Welcome

·       Far West Regional Coordinator – Jennifer Stewart NSWC Corona

·       Far West Deputy CoordinatorCheryl Monzon, NAVFAC EXWC

·       Host Laboratory: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

8:30 am           Keynote:  Importance of Tech Transfer at LLNL – Dr. William GoldsteinDirector, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (confirmed)

9:10 am           Training: New Tools and Programs for T2

·       Lab Partnering Service – Connecting with Leading Technical ExpertsClara Asmail, Deputy Director, Policy and Practice, DOE OTT (confirmed)

·       Patent and Licensing Practices LibraryDr. Tara Gonzalez, DOE Office of Technology Transitions (confirmed)

10:00 am         Break

10:30 am         Diversity & Inclusion in the Lab & Tech Transfer Community

                        Moderator: Jennifer Stewart, NSWC Corona

·       Janeya Griffin, NASA Armstrong

·       Cheryl Monzon, NAVFAC EXWC

·       Living Cities speaker (invited)

11:45 am         Buffet Lunch

1:00 pm           Training: Biotechnology Development and Protection:

Moderator: John Eisemann USDA APHIS National Wildlife Research Center

·       Biotech in Agriculture (gene drive, RNAi) – ARS

·       Genetic Biocontrol of Invasive Rodents (GBIRd)

·       Regulatory Policy and IP protection

·       Early Detection (IARPA)



2:00 pm           Importance of Tech Transfer at NASA Ames,  Dr. Eugene Tu, Director, NASA Ames Research Center (invited)

2:20 pm           Training: Protecting Your Software and Open Source Software

2:50 pm             BREAK

3:10 pm           Movers & Shakers – Best Practices & Regional Success Stories

·       From Lab Researcher to Entrepreneur Using a Lab TechnologyPaul King, Director, CEO, Ampere Scientific (confirmed)

·       MC Success Story

·       Spindle Locating Tool SuccessCheryl Monzon, NAVFAC EXWC

·       Q&A


4:30 pm           Adjourn

Awards Program:

5:00 pm           Award Reception

6:15 pm           FLC FW/MC Awards Ceremony Dinner


Day 2 – Thursday, November 7, 2019

8:00 am           Welcome

·       FLC Mid-Continent Coordinator – John Eisemann USDA APHIS

·       FLC Mid-Continent Deputy CoordinatorDavid Kisten, Sandia

8:30 am           FLC Initiatives

·       FLC Technology Focus Areas : Autonomous Systems | Water | Energy   

·       Lab Profiles – Why and How

·       LabTech in Your Life: What and How to Participate

·       Strategic Plan/Budgeting

·       FLC Business: How it works, and How Your Lab Can Make it Better and Improve Your Electronic Outreach – Marc Snyderman, FLC MSO

  9:30 am         T2 Playbook: Tools and Mechanisms for Collaboration

·       Innovative Collaboration – NIWC, Partnering and Mechanisms

10:00 am         BREAK

10:30 am         Using SBIR to Enhance your T2

Moderator: Rick ShindellSBIR Insider

·       Using SBIR-TT Award Dollars to Commercialize Federal Laboratory Technologies – Clara Asmail, DOE

·       SBIR Topics, Andy Myers KCNSC

·       Participating in the SBIR Road Show

11:30 am         Adjourn

Optional Tours

  1:00 pm Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Tour